Happy Women’s History Month!

Long before makerspaces became common in schools, before Maker Faire captured imaginations, and before STEAM evolved into a buzzword, Constructing Modern Knowledge has been the summer destination for educators. Here, they engage in making, tinkering, inventing, programming, and engineering with cutting-edge technology. Their goal is to create productive learning environments that resonate around the world. We are enormously proud of how CMK transcends tech workshops and is rooted in timeless craft and progressive education traditions. Most of all, we are thrilled by how female educators at CMK demonstrate their confidence, competence, and creativity. Their joy, passion, intellect, and ingenuity have inspired us since 2008.

Whether it’s showcasing activists and historians like Kate Shuster or Nikole Hannah-Jones; tech innovators such as Ayah Bdeir, Sherry Lassiter, and Leah Buechley; or giants of progressive education like Eleanor Duckworth, Lillian Katz, Edith Ackermann, Carla Rinaldi, Deborah Meier, Lella Gandini, or Molly Watt, the incredible contributions of women have been front and center at Constructing Modern Knowledge.

None of this would be possible without the contributions of “Head Camper” Sylvia Martinez, faculty members Tracy Rudzitis, Amy Dugré, Angela Lombardo, Cathy Helgoe, & Janine Maletsky, or our guiding light, the mother of educational computing, Cynthia Solomon.

While some talk a good game about project-based learning, STEM, and progressive education, Constructing Modern Knowledge has been the model – and it has been powered by women! Join us at CMK 2024, July 9-12, 2024 in Manchester, NH!

You are sure to be inspired by our remarkable guest speakers, including Melissa Walker and Tricia Tunstall.

Amazing Women at Constructing Modern Knowledge

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