Not all screens are created equally!

There is a profound difference between how parents use an iPad to quiet a toddler at a pancake house and how we advocate for using computers as an intellectual laboratory and vehicle for self-expression. We use computing to add colors to the crayon box, enhance the humanity and creativity of children, engage in invention, and solve problems.

Rather than increase parental anxiety, we prefer to lower the temperature and offer constructive opportunities for knowledge construction.

That’s why Gary Stager created a one-page handy-dandy list of recommendations for how parents and children can use computers to learn together.

Download this shareable set of recommendations here.

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About Gary Stager

Veteran educator Gary Stager, Ph.D. is the author of Twenty Things to Do with a Computer – Forward 50, co-author of Invent To Learn — Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the Classroom, publisher at Constructing Modern Knowledge Press, and the founder of the Constructing Modern Knowledge summer institute. He led professional development in the world’s first 1:1 laptop schools thirty years ago and designed one of the first online graduate school programs.

Gary is also the curator of The Seymour Papert archives at Learn more about Gary here. To arrange for Dr. Stager to speak at your school, lead family workshops, or design professional learning adventures for educators, contact gary [at]