In December 1999, I was working with Seymour Papert, David Cavallo, and John Stetson to create a multi-age, project-based, non-coercive, constructionist, high-tech, and alternative learning environment inside of Maine’s troubled prison for teens. Our 13-21 year-old students enjoyed working uninterrupted for five hours per day on personally meaningful project. To celebrate the holidays, I thought digital gingerbread houses might be a fun side project.

Over the decades, I’ve used different robotics materials from The LEGO RCX programable brick, the PICO Cricket, micro:bits, and the Hummingbird Bit Robotics Kit to bring candy and cookies to life.

Kids from 6 – 20 years-old have built and programmed animated/digital/robotic gingerbread houses with me in multiple schools.

Why not try it yourself and share the results?

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