Constructing Modern Knowledge

Dear Colleague:

You are about to embark on a four-day learning adventure in which computers, construction, collaboration and creativity are all part of the learning process. Please put away your “teacher hat” and spend as much time as possible in the role of a learner. We hope you find the right personal balance between a single-minded focus on project development and tinkering. Since knowledge is a consequence of experience, CMK08 seeks to create a learning environment in which a wide range of experiences are possible.

We offer lots of material with which you can work, including a variety of rich software environments for you and lots of “objects to think with.” Please look out for each other’s computers, books and other materials.

Collaborate with others, work alone or enjoy a combination of both, but please spend as much time as possible taking full advantage of the gift of time you have given yourself to learn. Fantastic speakers are part of the program, but CMK08 fought to avoid interrupting your project work for a series of speeches. Our goal is for you to return home remembering that you spent time with a speaker, rather than having listened to him or her. Along the way, you might want to think about your thinking and blog or keep a journal to assist in the reflective process. Read as much as you can. Lots of materials will be shared on the blog and in our library.

If you need to go for a walk to help clear your head, go for it. Take a swim or spend a few extra minutes at lunch, but remember that there is so much you can do and projects will be exhibited Thursday afternoon. Please don’t miss the speakers or daily reflection time. We will begin each morning at 9 AM.

If you have a question ask it! The only dumb question is the one never asked. If you want to learn a specific skill, let us know and a mini-tutorial will be arranged. Don’t be passive. The faculty and your fellow participants possess a wide range of skills and are here to help. CMK08 participants represent Preschool through 12th grade and beyond. We’ll try hard to meet everyone’s needs. This will be much easier if you temporarily forget that you are a teacher and become a learner. Embrace each learning adventure with gusto and you’ll exceed your expectations.


Constructing Modern Knowledge thanks the following for their generosity:

  • The six member companies in The Constructivist Consortium
  • The Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation
  • Tech4Learning
  • Logo Computer Systems, Inc.
  • Inspiration Software
  • Josh Morgan of Morgan/Dorado PR
  • Sibelius/M-Audio
    Lesa King ( and
  • Make Magazine
  • Craft Magazine
  • Peter Reynolds
  • Cynthia Solomon
  • Sylvia Martinez
  • Melinda Kolk
  • Bob Tinker
  • John Stetson
  • Alfie Kohn

Let’s go out and make something!