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Constructing Modern Knowledge 2015

July 7-10, 2015
Manchester, NH 2015

A full slate of amazing guest speakers and new registration site will be live by early September for educators to attend the world’s premiere institute for educators interested in creativity and learning-by-doing, Constructing Modern Knowledge. The 8th annual CMK promises to be even better than before. We want you and a team of colleagues to take advantage of the incredible learning adventures offered at Constructing Modern Knowledge. Super early-bird pricing applies to registrations made by December. CMK 2014 sold-out by April, so register early!

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In addition to founding the Constructing Modern Knowledge summer institute in 2008, Dr. Gary Stager has more than thirty-two years of experience helping schools around the world become more productive contexts for learning. Gary and his team of accomplished educators are poised to share their expertise with schools interested in bringing constructive technology, creativity, and empowerment to their community.

Constructing Modern Knowledge offers the following services:

Hard fun at CMK

1. Send a team to our Constructing Modern Knowledge summer institute

Constructing Modern Knowledge is the premiere destination for creative educators interested in learning-by-doing. Educators from around the world gather each July to engage in the construction of personally-meaningful projects with cutting-edge technologies, craft supplies, books, toys, and other objects to think with. They are guided in their learning adventures by some of the finest educators on the planet and inspired by interacting with brilliant guest speakers who are among the best at what they do. Generous team discounts are available so that the professional learning may continue long after educators return to their schools from CMK. Click here to learn more.

Gary speaks with educators
Gary speaks with educators

2. Bring award-winning educator, author, speaker, and consultant, Dr. Gary Stager to your school or district

Well known for his pioneering leadership in 1:1 computing, programming, robotics, curriculum reinvention, teacher development, and school design, Dr. Stager can work with your school or district as an in-classroom teacher mentor, inspirational speaker, workshop leader. curriculum designer, parent educator, or consultant. Click here to learn more.

Fahter/Daughter Cardboard Invention
Father/Daughter cardboard invention

3. Host an Invent To Learn workshop for families

The Constructing Modern Knowledge team leads the field in creating “maker” workshops for parents and children. When parents see their students learn by inventing with cardboard, Makey Makeys, computer programming, robots, Arduino microcontrollers, wearable e-textiles, they become formidable advocates for learning-by-doing in your school. Click here to learn more and to schedule a half or full-day workshop.

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