Constructing Modern Knowledge 2024

July 9-12, 2024
Manchester, NH USA

This is the only “non-conference” I had ever attended where I wanted to cry when it was time to leave.” – Samantha Scutieri. High School Teacher. Scotch Plains, NJ.

Kate Tabor talks with Alfie Kohn at CMK 2010

Constructing Modern Knowledge is a minds-on institute for educators committed to creativity, collaboration, and computing. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in intensive computer-rich project development with peers and a world-class faculty. Inspirational guest speakers and social events round out the fantastic event.

CMK is about action…

Rather than spend days listening to a series of speakers, Constructing Modern Knowledge is about action. Attendees will work and interact with educational experts concerned with maximizing the potential of every learner.

While our outstanding faculty is comprised of educational pioneers, bestselling authors and inventors of educational technologies we depend on, the real power of Constructing Modern Knowledge emerges from the collaborative project development of participants.

CMK is about empowered educators empowering students…

Constructing Modern Knowledge is built upon the Piagetian admonition that “knowledge is a consequence of experience.” If we wish for educators to teach and lead differently, they need to experience learning in the fashion they aspire to for their students.

CMK is about powerful ideas in education…

Each day’s program consists of a discussion of powerful ideas, mini tutorials on-demand, immersive learning adventures designed to challenge one’s thinking, substantial time for project work, and a reflection period. See the daily activity schedule here.

The agenda will be shaped by the community, but the following is a list of potential themes for exploration:

Building a simulation with Bob Tinker at the first CMK in 2008
  • Creativity and learning
  • Constructivism and constructionism
  • Project-based learning
  • 1:1 Computing
  • Problem solving across the curriculum
  • Student leadership and empowerment
  • Reinventing mathematics education
  • Computer programming as a liberal art
  • Storytelling
  • School reform
  • Tinkering
  • Effective professional development
  • Sustaining innovation
  • The maker movement

CMK is about computing and technology in the service of learning…

21st century educators need to develop their own technological fluency and understand learning in order to meet the changing needs and expectations of their students.

littleBits CEO Ayah Bdeir admires a CMK 2017 project

Constructing Modern Knowledge will help participants enhance their tech skills, expand their vision of how computers may enhance the learning environment and leave with practical ideas to use in the classroom. Beginners and advanced technology-using educators can all benefit from this experience. Bring your laptop, digital camera/video camera, and imagination!

CMK is about constructing knowledge in the modern world…

Gary Stager founded the Constructing Modern Knowledge summer institute in 2008 to create a unique model of professional development that honors the learner as the center of the learning experience.

Your hosts for Constructing Modern Knowledge 2024 are Gary Stager and Sylvia Martinez. Read more about them here.

CMK participants share their thoughts…

Read testimonials from CMK participants.

The following are participant reflections from our recent institutes. They should help you understand the unique nature of CMK.

Your CMK 2024 registration fee includes the entire conference program, a Gala Institute Dinner, minor league baseball game, and the Project Pajama Party.

Constructing Modern Knowledge is organized by Gary S. Stager and Constructing Modern Knowledge, LLC.