I first met Brian Silverman in 1985 and found his curiosity, creativity, ingenuity and intellect astonishing. Brian may be the greatest learner I’ve ever met. If you lose track of him for a few months, Brian has been engaged in computer archaeology, tackling microbiology, inventing Turtle Art, studying art history, starting the Playful Invention Company, designing new robotics materials for LEGO. Since the late 1970s,

Brian has had a hand in countless programming environments designed for children including: the first commercially available floor turtles, Apple Logo, IBM Logo, LogoWriter, LEGO TC Logo, Picocrickets and Scratch. As an undergraduate Brian built the Tinkertoy computer with Danny Hillis.

Here is a video of a recent conversation with Brian Silverman, Mitchel Resnick and inventor of the personal computer, Alan Kay talking about powerful ideas. It’s part of Resnick’s MIT MOOC Learning Creative Learning.

Brian has been invited once again to be a member of the Constructing Modern Knowledge 2013 faculty!