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Computing Pioneer Returns to CMK 2010 Faculty!

You should know my friend Brian Silverman! He is an unsung hero in educational computing and he’ll be at Constructing Modern Knowledge this July 12-15 in Manchester, NH. If you or your students ever used Apple Logo, LogoWriter, MicroWorlds, programable LEGO, Scratch or dozens of other programming environments for children, there is a good chance […]

The CMK 2009 Library

Constructing Modern Knowledge creates a material-rich learning environment filled with technology, art supplies, toys and books. This bookstore from CMK09 features books by Constructing Modern Knowledge 2009 speakers – Deborah Meier, Lella Gandini, Peter Reynolds, Cynthia Solomon and Lesa Snider. Here is a link to a large selection of books including, but not limited to […]

First CMK09 Video is Online – We Are Teachers

The following is a video documenting the 2009 Constructing Modern Knowledge summer institute in Manchester, NH – July 13-16, 2009, through the lenses of Karen Gerstner, Mary Del Biano and Maryann Molishus. This is the result of a project designed by these three educators to tell their story of CMK 2009. Enjoy! We are Teachers! […]

They’re Blogging about CMK 2009!

I am still exhausted from the exhilaration of Constructing Modern Knowledge 2009. We enjoyed an incredibly active four days – jam packed full of once-in-a-lifetime experiences and project development time. I’ll be sharing some of my reflections (and probably video as well) in the coming days, but in the meantime, several CMK09 participants have blogged […]

Thanks to iStockphoto!

Constructing Modern Knowledge 2009 would like to thank iStockphoto for sponsoring Lesa Snider’s participation in the institute. Click here to receive 10 free high-resolution images from the best web site for royalty-free graphics.

Program for Constructing Modern Knowledge 2009

The goal of Constructing Modern Knowledge is to provide a space in which learning is the consequence of experience and where you don’t hear a series of speakers, but work with leading experts and enjoy intimate conversations with them while collaborating on personally meaningful projects. Therefore, the program listed below is a guide detailing appointments, rather than a rigid schedule of events allowing no flexibility.

She Literally Wrote the Book on Photoshop!

I often tell people that I am “Photoshop disabled.” I know how to use about 1% of what Photoshop can do and am often confused by the software. Lesa Snider is such an amazing teacher that her clever examples and clear presentation helps me understand the complexities of this critical software. Her expertise in digital photography and image manipulation allows her to tailor instruction for any learner. I’m thrilled that Lesa Snider is part of the Constructing Modern Knowledge 2009 faculty.

Registration Now Open for Amazing Summer Institute!

Registration is now open for the professional learning event of 2009! Constructing Modern Knowledge 2009 offers a world-class faculty and supportive environment for educators interested in exploring the intersection of creativity, collaboration, computing and powerful ideas. Where else can you spend four days tinkering, collaborating, talking and learning with educators from around the world, plus […]