I am still exhausted from the exhilaration of Constructing Modern Knowledge 2009. We enjoyed an incredibly active four days – jam packed full of once-in-a-lifetime experiences and project development time. I’ll be sharing some of my reflections (and probably video as well) in the coming days, but in the meantime, several CMK09 participants have blogged about their “learning adventures.”

MaryAnn Molishus – Constructing Modern Knowledge 2009 – Show and Tell is Not Just for Kindergarten

MaryAnn Molishus – Constructing Modern Knowledge – Project Sharing

Andrew B. Watt – Alhambra Updated

Andrew B. Watt – CMK ‚2009: FableVision & Minsky

Andrew B. Watt – CMK ‚2009: Dr. Lella Gandini

Andrew B. Watt – CMK 09: When is an Image a Computer Program?

Sylvia Martinez – Constructing Modern Knowledge 2009
You may also take a look at the photos being accumulated from Constructing Modern Knowledge 2009 here at Flickr.

Stay tuned for additional blogs and other goodies!