Peter Martin to perform at Constructing Modern Knowledge 2022

The past year or two (or three) of “online education” has largely been traumatic for kids, teachers, parents, and those of us who advocate for educational computing. The fear and chaos caused by COVID-19, accompanied by an absence of educational vision, too often resulted in the use of technology to reinforce the weakest, most-objectionable, impersonal aspects of schooling. Zoom School, “hybrid learning,” and parents as schoolwork vigilantes are painful memories that we will not soon forget.

All tools are shaped by a culture and while educational technology is never neutral, it may be used to benefit the system, teachers, or learners. The pandemic era saw technology used to deliver, monitor, and manage education. First and foremost, teachers were placed in the role of enforcing the system’s illusion of performance. Pedagogical practice tended towards mass production, seat-time, and digital flash-cards. It didn’t need to be that way.

The Internet performed splendidly during the global pandemic. “School on the Internet” is another matter entirely.

Gary Stager

Some of us who have been involved with using computers and the Internet since the 1980s understand the potential for collaboration, creativity, knowledge construction, intimacy, and anytime, anywhere learning. In fact, outside of school, the tale of the COVID-19 pandemic is the triumph of the Internet. Families stayed connected, food and all manner of goods arrived safely at your doorstep, and vaccines were developed in rapid time due to the peer-review process being accelerated. Artists performed in their living rooms to your living room. Leading scientists taught online classes for interested kids. Political conventions were held online. Medical research now finds that Internet access significantly reduced COVID-19 deaths.

We need inspiration

Constructing Modern Knowledge 2022 offers a remedy for Zoom School Fatigue by featuring Peter Martin as a guest speaker at this July’s institute. Not only is Peter one of his generation’s most acclaimed pianists, arrangers, and musical directors, he is successfully harnessing the power of the Internet to help people of all ages and skill levels learn to do something infinitely complex, creative, and beautiful – develop as improvising jazz musicians.

“An unbelievable musician with a unique kind of charisma. Not just the technical competence, but the deep kind of penetrating insight into music.”

– Wynton Marsalis

Peter is the Co-Founder and CEO of Open Studio, an innovative online music education website with jazz lessons from jazz legends. Open Studio demonstrates how the Internet may be used as a platform for mentoring and learning-by-doing – the theme of Constructing Modern Knowledge. Nurturing aspiring jazz musicians is incredibly complex in any form, doing it online represents a major breakthrough in thinking about the educational value of the Internet. Best of all, Peter’s company is a global success.

Peter creates a free 2-Minute Jazz Piano lesson weekly for YouTube and co-hosts the daily music podcast, You’ll Hear It, offering advice about listening to and playing music better. He is also the host of The Process with Peter Martin podcast. Open Studio offers guided practice sessions in which musicians from around the world are mentored in real-time, masterclasses, concerts, listening sessions, and Ask-Me-Anything sessions with some of the world’s most accomplished musicians. Their technical innovations allow camera angles to be changed and music to be displayed in real-time. Asynchronous and synchronous learning experiences are part of the mix.

During the pandemic, Peter generously performed a weekly “Shelter in Place” solo piano concert online for more than 65 weeks. In his spare time, Peter is a long distance runner, husband, and father.

“One of the most underrated pianists in jazz today … Martin plays with the kind of daring and excitement that marks a distinctive personality on the keyboard.”

– The Washington Post

Artistry meets entrepreneurship

At Constructing Modern Knowledge 2022, Peter Martin will explore his path from musician to Internet entrepreneur, share his pedagogical model, discuss Open Studio’s impact, and best of all perform solo piano!

This is a learning opportunity you do not want to miss!

About Peter Martin

Peter Martin is an acclaimed jazz pianist, composer, arranger, educator, and entrepreneur. His touring career has taken him to six continents numerous times. In January 2011, Peter performed with a select group of jazz artists at the White House for a State Dinner hosted by President Obama, and he returned to perform for the Governor’s Dinner in February 2012 for the first family and other guests.

Peter performed on and arranged Dianne Reeves’ Grammy® winning release, A Little Moonlight. He also appeared in George Clooney’s 2005 film, Good Night, and Good Luck, as well as being the featured pianist and an arranger on the Grammy® winning soundtrack. Peter has performed, toured and recorded with Wynton Marsalis, Chris Botti, Betty Carter, Christian McBride and Joshua Redman as well as the Berlin Philharmonic, Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the New York Philharmonic. In 2014 Peter was selected to tour with “Newport Now 60”, an all-star ensemble that toured nationwide in celebration of the iconic festival’s 60th anniversary. In addition to leading his own trio and being a member of Christian McBride’s all-star band, Inside Straight, Peter Martin has been the accompanist and musical director for the legendary singer, Dianne Reeves, for two decades.

“Peter Martin’s artistry is nothing short of extraordinary. To sing with him is sublime – To listen to him play is a transcendent experience.”

– Dianne Reeves

Peter attended the Juilliard School of Music and is a former member of the faculties of Northwestern University and Southern Illinois University (Edwardsville). He has performed workshops and masterclasses at institutions worldwide, including Oberlin College, Northwestern University, Duke University, the Carnegie Hall Professional Training Workshops, Steinway Piano Gallery, the Rotterdam Conservatory, and the Royal Scottish Academy of Music in Glasgow. Peter Martin received the Presidential Scholar in the Arts award from President Reagan soon after graduating from high school in St. Louis.


Peter was heading to his daughter’s school to perform at a career day event and worried what to play until he heard the La La Land theme emanating from his kid’s room. He taught himself the tune by ear and this is the result.
A taste of Peter Martin’s weekly YouTube piano lessons
An encore with Dianne Reeves in France
Great solo with Dianne Reeves
The Peter Martin Trio plays Peter’s song, Broadmoor
Honoring Peter Martin