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If you want teachers to truly increase student learning in the classroom, they need to (re)experience how those students actually learn. The power in the CMK conference is directly related to amount of time teachers spend learning as students. After reconnecting to that process, our teachers walked away from CMK with a newfound energy and motivation to restructure the learning environment in their classrooms. Moreover, that energy has sustained itself over time unlike any other conferences I have sent teacher leadership teams to in the past. This event is transformational. I just talked to a teacher a few weeks ago who mentioned CMK and how it changed her thinking regarding learning.

James Calhoun – Retired High School Principal – Castle View High School, Colorado

At my previous school, we sent a team of teachers to CMK every year for 7 years.  It was the best professional development for my teams. We worked and learned together and with educators from around the world. We pushed out of our comfort zones and met challenges, and we discovered we could really shift our practices in school in meaningful ways.

Amy Dugré – Director of Curriculum Innovation and Technology – The International School of Düsseldorf (Germany)

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