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Constructing Modern Math/Science Knowledge is less than three weeks away (January 22), but there is still time to register for the most innovative S.T.E.M. learning event of the year.

Constructing Modern Math/Science Knowledge is a pre-conference event at Educon 2.1 at the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on January 23-25, 2009. Come learn from some of the most dynamic practitioners in the world of math, science and technology in an intimate minds-on setting.

The following is a tentative program for the January 22nd institute (subject to change):

Constructing Modern Math/Science Knowledge
January 22, 2009

9:00 AM Welcome – Christopher Lehmann – Principal of Science Leadership Academy

9:10 AM Keynote Address: Constructing Modern Math/Science Knowledge – Gary Stager

9:30 AM Plenary Session: Playful Invention – Brian Silverman

10:00 AM Plenary Session: Using Modeling Technology in Education: A Revolution in the Making – Carolyn Staudt

10:30 AM Workshop Session #1 (Choose one of the following)

Inquiry-driven Projects and the Development of S.T.E.M. Skills (David Thornburg)
This workshop will give a brief overview of why STEM subjects should be integrated, how inquiry and PBL fits into the equation, and then we move to groups that will address a serious current real-world problem with a view toward developing insights and deeper skills than could ever come from a textbook.

The New Dynamic Classroom: Teaching & Learning Math with Technology and Web 2.0 (Ihor Charischak)
Come and experience a series of unique & compelling activities that incorporate significant software environments (Spreadsheets, MicroWorlds, and Sketchpad) that will help a teacher to engage their students in gaining a deeper understanding of powerful mathematical ideas. For more information see http://DMCpress.org

Turtle Art: The Art of Exploration, the Exploration of Art (Brian Silverman)
One of the great benefits of computers in education is they are for exploration and experimentation. This workshop will be about exploring with computers, examples taken from math and art.

Using Modeling Technology in Education: A Revolution in the Making (Carolyn Staudt)
This workshop will use the Concord Consortium’s Molecular Toolbench to explore how free and open-source modeling software may be used by students and teachers in creating simulations of powerful scientific phenomena.

12:00 PM Lunch & conversation (provided)

1:00 PM Workshop Session #2 (Choose one of the workshops offered in the morning)

2:30 PM End of Workshop Session #2

2:45 PM Closing panel discussion, sharing & reflection – Where do we go from here?

3:30 PM Day complete

Speaker bios may be read here.

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