Last summer’s Constructing Modern Knowledge institute was such a smash success that organizing a 15th CMK seemed daunting. How could we possibly match, let alone top, the remarkable guest speakers and conversations we’ve enjoyed in the past. 

Well, we have great news to share. Constructing Modern Knowledge 2024 has assembled another slate of brilliant guest speakers to inspire, challenge, and help us change the world for the learners we serve.

We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Stephen Wolfram will once again join us at CMK 2024. Arguably the world’s most important living mathematician and computer scientist, Wolfram is responsible for creating the tools the scientific community relies on, including Mathematica, Wolfram Alpha, and Wolfram Language.

The potential implications for the use of this software in classrooms is mind-boggling. In addition to a life that is the stuff of 3-hour motion pictures, Stephen Wolfram dedicates a great deal of his time to working with school children online and during his summer camp, and is one of the leading voices on behalf of developing computational fluency.

Stephen Wolfram at Constructing Modern Knowledge 2016

The maker movement celebrated the ability to make things with bits and atoms. Schools have embraced cardboard (the atoms), but once again have left the bits behind. Computation is the secret sauce for supercharging project-based learning and Stephen Wolfram will help CMK participants imagine an expanding universe of learning adventures.

If you’re excited by generative AI, Wolfram will empower you to make the most of it.

Learn more about Dr. Wolfram, his life, and extraordinary contributions here.

Don’t miss out! Registration prices go up $220 on December 15th. Team discounts are also available.


Wolfram writes regularly about his activities and thinking on his Stephen Wolfram Writings site.

Selected videos

Recent TED AI Talk by Stephen Wolfram
Howard Gardner in conversation with Stephen Wolfram
GREAT DEMO! “The Impact of chatGPT talks” (2023)
An introduction to Wolfram Language