Dr. Edith Ackermann

NOTE: Dr. Ackermann will be returning for Constructing Modern Knowledge 2015!

Dr. Edith Ackermann is one of the wisest, creative, and most graceful people I have ever met. She is a development psychologist with the intuition of a designer and the sensibility of an artist. Few people are as gifted at explaining the intersection of modern culture, design, and childhood. Oh, and I did I mention that she worked closely with three of the greatest learning theorists in history – Jean Piaget, Seymour Papert, and Ernst von Glasserfeld?


It is a thrill and great privilege to announce that Dr. Edith Ackermann will be a guest speaker finally at Constructing Modern Knowledge 2014, July 8-11, 2013. Edith’s participation continues the tradition of bringing the wisest, most talented, and creative experts in the world to spend time with educators at Constructing Modern Knowledge. She joins other amazing guest speakers at our seventh annual institute. (read complete bios here) Register today!

Edith Ackermann’s talk at the Stanford Beyond Bits and Atoms Class (2012)

Recent papers by Dr. Ackermann worthy of your attention:

Recent reports Dr. Ackermann wrote (or cowrote) for the LEGO Foundation on play, creativity, invention, computing, and childhood:

  1. Ackermann, E.K. (2013), Cultures of creativity and modes of appropriation: From DIY (Do It Yourself) to BIIT (Be In It Together), Billund: The LEGO Foundation.
  2. Ackermann, E., Gauntlett, D., Wolbers, T. & Weckstrom, C. (2010), Defining Systematic Creativity in the Digital Realm, Billund: LEGO Learning Institute.
  3. Gauntlett, D., Ackermann, E., Whitebread, D., Wolbers, T., Weckstrom, C. & Stjerne Thomsen, B. (2012), The Future of Learning, Billund: LEGO Learning Institute.
  4. Gauntlett, D., Ackermann, E., Whitebread, D., Wolbers, T. & Weckstrom, C. (2011), The Future of Play, Billund: LEGO Learning Institute.

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Dr. Ackermann’s stunning plenary session at the Constructionism 2010 Conference


Edith Ackermann and Jean Piaget


Edith Ackermann and Ernst von Glasserfeld


With Piaget