Constructing Modern Knowledge is designed top-to-bottom to be unlike any other professional learning experience. The frenzy of activity, luxurious time to work on personally meaningful projects, personal interactions with legends, mountain of materials, choice, flexibility, and absence of instruction are all quite deliberate and combine to transform educators’ lives. (That’s what they tell us.)

The benefits of breaking bread together are well documented and our institute dinner plays a vital role in building community in a quintessential fashion. The Constructing Modern Knowledge dinner is no rubber chicken affair… au contraire! For a dozen institutes, our gala dinner has been held in a Brazilian churrascaria – rodizio style – an all-you-can-eat extravaganza where a variety of proteins are offered by waiters and sliced right onto your plate until you surrender.

Scenes from previous CMK gala dinners

Over the years, CMK participants have fallen in love with what has been referred to as “MeatFest” or “Meat Night.” As idiosyncratic as it was to find an excellent churrascaria in Manchester, New Hampshire, there was a great deal of concern about how this culinary spectacular could ever be matched as Constructing Modern Knowledge 2022 moves to Chattanooga, Tennessee for the first time ever, July 25 – 28, 2022. We cannot let our colleagues down!

One CMK alum even expressed her distress on Twitter.

What if the substitute for an evening of meat on swords was…
meat on swords?

We are thrilled to announce that the Constructing Modern Knowledge 2022 gala dinner will be held at Rodizio Grill, Chattanooga’s premiere home of meat on swords! We just could not disappoint the educators we love or fail to recognize their acute need for protein after a day of hard-fun learning-by-doing at the Global Center for Digital Innovation.

In addition to an infinite quantity of meat on swords, dinner includes a gourmet salad bar and hot side dishes. Individual dietary needs will be catered for and CMK participants are welcome to bring along family members (for an additional fee).

Never Fear! Meat on Swords Night is Here!

This ain’t no box lunch and Constructing Modern Knowledge is not your average PD workshop!

We sure hope you will join us in Chattanooga this July 25th-28th!