Fred Martin’s Art of LEGO
Fred Martin, the engineer behind the RCX brick, wrote a terrific paper explaining LEGO engineering principles.

The Art of LEGO 2
MIT Media Lab graduate students, Arnan (Roger) Sipitakiat, Paulo Blikstein and Rahul Bhargava created a handy color collection of strategies for assembling LEGO elements.

MicroWorlds EX Robotics downloadable reference handout.

Great LEGO Challenges
Here is a collection of 13 challenges sure to inspire classroom creativity.

25 Things to Do With LEGO Robotics
A timeless list of project ideas.

Gary Stager’s LEGO Robotics web page

New Workshop!

Improvisational Robotics – Authentic Opportunities for the Construction of Knowledge

LEGO Robotics offers students a high-tech high-touch improvisational medium for interdisciplinary learning. An ability to identify rich problems is required to engage learners of all ages. We will explore different approaches to bringing the curriculum alive through an improvisational approach to robotics. The new MicroWorlds EX Robotics software will be used to create interdisciplinary projects that combine the real world with the screen.

Click here for more workshop information.