Please upload your photos to Flickr and share in the CONSTRUCTING MODERN KNOWLEDGE 2012 group!

CMK 2012 “yearbook page” (please share happy memories of CMK 2012 here)

Gary Stager’s 5 articles on effective project-based learning

Dr. Lilian Katz’s project approach handouts

This is What Learning Looks Like A collection of learning stories and resources  created at CMK 2011 – important reflection on the Constructing Modern Knowledge experience.

Recommended books & resources

8 Big Ideas Behind the Constructionist Learning Laboratory Sylvia Martinez’ blog about Seymour Papert and Gary Stager’s work with severely at-risk teenagers.

The Original Twenty Things to Do With a Computer (1971) by Cynthia Solomon & Seymour Papert

Getting Hands-On with Soft Circuits workshop guide from Leah Beuchley’s research group.

EKWQ – A framework to start the project process by Sylvia Chard

Tinkering resources compiled by Gary Stager and Sylvia Martinez

A Constructionism Primer (2011)

The Computer Lab as Learning Hub (2011)

Super-Awesome Sylvia in the Not So Awesome Land of Schooling (2011)

Curriculum Not Included (how to create problem solving classrooms) (2012)

Leah Buechley’s web site

Brian Smith’s Sparkfun Wishlist

Generation YES

The Daily Papert

Gary Stager’s “handout”

Sylvia Martinez’ blog

Gary Stager’s blog

Dr. Cynthia Solomon’s Logothings (videos, projects, classic texts)

Dr. Marvin Minsky’s Web Site

Highly recommended five recent essays on education by Dr. Minsky ( 1 2 3 4 5 )

Smart Machines, a brilliant essay about mind, brain and learning by Marvin Minsky

Marvin Minsky’s amazing TED Talk and interview with John Hockenberry.

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