“There is little in life that can take the place of experience.”

CMK 2012 guest speaker and filmmaker extraordinaire

Last summer, the first guest speaker I secured for Constructing Modern Knowledge 2012 was filmmaker Casey Neistat. That was before he produced a witty film for the New York Times comparing his human assistant to Siri on the iPhone 4S, this Steve Jobs memorial, a poignant portrait of his grandmother, this historic documentation of the police raid on Occupy Wall Street and countless other short films that have gone viral.

That was also before Nike hired him to make a film based on its new slogan, “Make It Count,” a remarkable travelog that enjoyed more than a million views in its first two days online in early April 2012. CNN tells the story of this amazing film.

“When Nike hired director Casey Neistat and editor Max Joseph to make an advertisement for the Nike FuelBand (an athletic-performance tracking device), the Oregon-based company expected the pair to hunker down in their New York studios and come out with a killer spot highlighting the slogan, “Make It Count.”

What Nike didn’t count on was what the duo did next.

Instead of producing the agreed-upon treatment showing how everyday people are making their lives count, Neistat and Joseph took the money and ran — right around the globe.

In the vernacular of the trade, they just did it.

For 10 days they circled the globe having one mammoth adventure until the entire stash (“It was a lot of money,” is all the guys will cop to) ran out.

The pair racked up 34,000 miles, dropped in on three continents, 13 countries and 16 cities.”

Casey Neistat’s Nike Commercial

Constructing Modern Knowledge is the only place on earth where educators can learn with Casey Neistat this summer!

Casey Neistat is one of today’s leading video artists. He creates many of his films with the same cameras used by you and your students. He has an energy, creativity and spirit of adventure consistent with Constructing Modern Knowledge. Participants at this summer’s institute, July 9-12 in Manchester, NH will not only have the opportunity to learn with Casey, but also with Mark Frauenfelder, the Editor-in-Chief of Make Magazine; wearable computing pioneer, Dr. Leah Buechley; project-based learning expert, Dr. Lilian Katz; Web phenom and master tinkerer, Super Awesome Sylvia and our remarkable faculty. You will also get to visit the world famous MIT Media Lab where much of the future is being invented and receive a suite of creativity software.

Constructing Modern Knowledge is about action. It is the world’s premiere event for learning-by-doing. You won’t enjoy high-powered learning opportunities like this at ISTE or any other summer conference.

Don’t miss out! Have the experience of a lifetime at CMK!

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