Constructing Modern Knowledge is committed to creating a learning environment rich in objects to think with and an expert faculty committed to supporting the project development of each participant. I am thrilled to announce the addition of Steve Costa to our unrivaled team.

Steve costa with student

I have no qualms whatsoever with stating that Steve Costa is the most important educator of the last twenty-five years, anywhere in the world. In addition to his exceptional teaching ability, effortless rapport with students and admiration of his peers, Steve put his hand up in 1989 to be the first teacher on earth to teach in a classroom where every single student had a personal computer 24/7 for learning at home and school. For more than twenty-three years, Mr. Costa has taught in a 1:1 setting with 5th or 6th grade girls. His pioneering efforts have been chronicled in Bob Johnstone’s history of 1:1 computing, “Never Mind the Laptops – Kids, Computers and the Transformation of Learning” Since Steve and his colleagues made education history in 1990, thousands of educators from across Australia have visited his classroom and been inspired by his example. A generation of children and teachers he mentored are part of his legacy.

Simply put, when it comes to personal computing (1:1) in schools, Steve Costa is patient zero. No one precedes him and no one has more experience. Few, if any other adults, have taught more girls how to program computers. Without Steve Costa’s courage, talent and quiet grace there may not be 1:1 computing in schools, or the current state-of-affairs might be even less learner-centered.

I continue to marvel at Steve’s ability to evaluate, reject or adopt new technology while remaining committed to the constructionist spirit that inspired the adoption of laptops at his school so many years ago. He continues to learn and grow. Most importantly, students love his curiosity, compassion and sense of humor.

The chance to learn with Steve Costa is yet another reason why Constructing Modern Knowledge is the best professional learning event anywhere in the world.

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