The great sociologist, history writer, scholar, and Constructing Modern Knowledge 2018 Guest Speaker, Dr. James Loewen, has just published a stunning article for the History News Network web site, Farewell to U.S. History Textbooks. In this article, he talks about Pearson trying to unload its textbook division, their well-established record of plagiarism, shady business practices, and how students would be better off without history textbooks in the first place. (Read the article)

James Loewen speaking at CMK 2010

In addition to his best-selling classic book, Lies My Teacher Told Me:  Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong, Loewen is the author of many other fine books about race, American history, and how to prepare children to be historians rather than just memorize historical “facts.” Come to Constructing Modern Knowledge 2018 and learn with James Loewen!