Compiled by Gary S. Stager, Ph.D.

Cool stuff used in the workshop

Other resources

Gary and Caine of Caine’s Arcade

Recommended books about the Reggio Emilia approach

Books and DVDs from Reggio Emilia

Five articles on effective project-based learning (PDF)

Making & Tinkering resources compiled by Gary Stager and Sylvia Martinez

The Eight Big Ideas Behind Constructionism by Seymour Papert

A Constructionism Primer (2011)

The Gary Stager Video Collection (presentation videos)

Super Awesome Sylvia’s web site (blog and Super Awesome Maker Show)

Caine’s Arcade

Schuyler St. Leger’s talk, “Why I Love My 3D Printer!

Robotics Resources

Gary’s Favorite Classroom Cameras

Passport to The Best Educational Ideas in the World (2010)

Source for Arduino and Lilypad (earable) Arduino materials

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