Constructing Modern Knowledge 2023 guest speaker Charlie Rosen and my old friend Bryan Carter, co-orchestrators of the new smash Broadway musical, “Some Like it Hot,” were profiled on Good Morning America.

We are thrilled to share Grammy & Tony Winner Charlie Rosen at Constructing Modern Knowledge 2023

Building on our fourteen year tradition of creating opportunities for educators to interact with remarkably creative, accomplished, and innovative thinkers, Constructing Modern Knowledge 2023 is delighted to feature Charlie Rosen, Gareth Stockdale, Howard Gardner, Cynthia Solomon, Dan Watt, Molly Watt, and John Stetson as guest speakers.

Charlie Rosen is an American musician, composer, arranger, orchestrator, musical director, and producer. At only 32 years of age, he is already the recipient of a Tony, Grammy, and Obie Award. In addition to his work performing in the pit of countless musicals, Charlie Rosen is the orchestrator or co-orchestrator for recent Broadway productions, including Be More Chill, Moulin Rouge, A Strange Loop, and the current hit, Some Like it Hot. His film compositions include Billy Crystal’s Here Today and the HBO documentary, Listening to Kenny G.

Charlie’s YouTube videos featuring the 8-Bit Big Band, one-man ensembles, and other assorted projects have enjoyed tens of millions of views. The New York Times profiled Charlie Rosen in the article, The Modern Music Man: He Plays Every Instrument. Almost.

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