About Robert Tinker, Ph.D.
Bob Tinker has, for thirty years, pioneered research on innovative approaches to education that exploit technology. The initial development of probeware for learning based on real-time measurements was performed in his group. His team at TERC was the first to develop “network science” for dispersed science investigations. The initial result of this work was the National Geographic Society Kids Network, the first curriculum making extensive use of online student collaboration and data sharing.

Thirteen years ago he started the nonprofit Concord Consortium to concentrate on innovative applications of technology in education. The Consortium developed the Virtual High School and professional development based on online learning. Current work focuses on sophisticated simulations in science, probeware, and handhelds, and applications of these technologies to pressing educational issues. All these technologies are being integrated into portals that offer a glimpse of what inquiry-based education could look like in a few years.

Bob earned his Ph.D. in experimental low temperature physics from MIT and has taught college physics for ten years.