Reflections from CMK 2014 – 2017

Below are a selection of reflective blog posts created by recent CMK participants.

You may also enjoy the growing library of CMK project videos.

Poetry of Wind

2017 Blog Posts

Kelly Watson

Maggie Barth

Samantha Scutieri

Josh Burker (faculty)

2017 Reflection Videos

Photo Albums 

More videos and photos to come


2016 Blog Posts

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 3.58.20 AMKate Minielly

Josh Burker

Jennifer Orr (returning participant)


Weasley Clock created at #CMK16

Amy Szerminska

Cynthia Day (returning participant)

Tami Brass

Sylvia Martinez (faculty)

CMK GO! is a mobile, augmented reality game created at #cmk16 using MIT’s TaleBlazer (2016)

amy giving advice

CMK Fellow Amy Dugré giving advice to participant wearing sound-sensitive light-up dress

2015 Blog Posts

Erin Riley

Todd Burleson

Cat Stam

Jenn Judkins


2014 Blog Posts

Jeff Ellenbogen

CMK 2014 Fellow – Tracy Rudzitis

Tom Corley

Matthew Castanera-Bartoszek

Donna Collins

Laura Blankenship

Katie Day

Marti Weston

Aimee DeFoe


CMK 2015 photos may be viewed here.

CMK 2014 photos are gathered here.

Here are even some ye olde recollections from CMK 2010 attendees.