Happy Thanksgiving!

Free micro:bit making & coding project

We are happy to share one of the more than 30 physical computing projects from the new book, The Invent to Learn Guide to the micro:bit.

This fun activity will inspire children and teachers before the big holiday!

book cover

Find out more about The Invent to Learn Guide to the micro:bit.

The Invent to Learn Guide to the micro:bit invites learners to create dozens of simple-to-complex, open-ended, hands-on projects using one or more micro:bits, upcycled junk, and craft supplies. Microsoft’s MakeCode block-based programming environment is used to bring your interactive inventions to life.

Powerful computer science skills are developed by programming projects that appeal to girls and boys. The code used in each project is fully explained and young inventors are challenged to build upon their emerging computational fluency in increasingly complex projects.

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