Gareth Stockdale

micro:bit Foundation CEO

The micro:bit has taken education by storm. Come to CMK and meet the person responsible for this worldwide revolution.

Gareth has worked for almost 20 years exploring and implementing technology and content that can help children and students learn. As Head of Operations for BBC Education, Gareth was the joint project lead for the micro:bit project and led the process which culminated in the formation of the Micro:bit Educational Foundation. He has been a board director since 2016 and was appointed CEO at the Micro:bit Educational Foundation in January 2018. There have been over 7.5 million micro:bits manufactured and they are being used in over 60 countries with major projects in over 30 of those. The Foundation estimates that approximately 40 million students have learned coding and digital creativity with the micro:bit.

Since the micro:bit has become such a critical ingredient in CMK projects, it is very exciting to have the person responsible for its invention participate in our 2023 summer institute.