Coding in the Age of AI

On-Demand Workshop Video

Presented by Gary Stager and Constructing Modern Knowledge

There is a lot of hype and hysteria surrounding the availability of new software such as ChatGPT, but too little consideration of the computational fluency required to use these tools constructively.

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This free 2-hour workshop showcases a hands-on experience writing and debugging “intelligent-ish” computer programs that expand intellectual capacity, build personal tools, solve problems, and prepare users to fact-check AI. This workshop is about thinking, computing, teaching, and learning.

This workshop is not about ChatGPT, but will help educators understand the issues at hand in the age of AI.

The workshop leader, Dr. Gary Stager, has more than four decades worth of experience teaching computer programming to learners of all ages and their teachers. Follow along and learn to program in Lynx, a web-based dialect of the Logo programming language. Wolfram Alpha, Wolfram Language, and SNAP! was also discussed during the workshop.

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