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Constructing Modern Mathematics or is it History? English?

Chicago middle school English teacher extraordinaire, Kate Tabor, returned to Constructing Modern Knowledge for the second consecutive year. In 2010, Kate spent her time at CMK using MicroWorlds to program randomly generated Shakespearean insults. Computer programming and mathematical thinking were used to explore linguistics and literature in a whimsical fashion. Read her recollections from CMK […]

First Few Blog Posts about CMK 2011

Don’t take my word for it, read the great CMK 2011 blog posts written by participants! From Kate Tabor Tinkering Starting With a Blank Page Day 3 at CMK11: Ways of Knowing Day 2: CMK 2011 – Inspiration and Renewed Enthusiasm Looking for the Colonel Best Advice of the Day Adam Provost’s blog post about […]

CMK 2010 – A Huge Success!

Constructing Modern Knowledge 2010 exceeded my wildest dreams. The quality of the speakers was only surpassed by the energy level and amazing project work engaged in by the participants. Brand new teachers joined school administrators and edtech veterans in our learning environment rich in objects to think with. K-12, higher-education and multiple disciplines were all […]