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Tinkering Resources

Tinkering Resources Compiled by Sylvia Martinez and Gary Stager of The Constructivist Consortium & Constructing Modern Knowledge Recommended tinkering books from the Constructivist Consortium List of  open-ended creativity software and construction materials used at Constructing Modern Knowledge Reggio Emilia books and constructive toys Learning Materials Workshop Project Websites and Communities Howtoons – Comic strip stories […]

Creative Computing & the Case for Project-based Learning

A few nights ago, I led a webinar for old friends in the State of Victoria (Australia) as part of an online course/seminar/learning community focused on issues surrounding effective 1:1 computing. The course is called 1 to 1 Next Steps. My webinar was entitled, “Creative Computing and the Case for Project-based Learning.” You may now […]

Rethinking Homework – Suggested Questionnaires for Parents

Constructing Modern Knowledge 2010 guest speaker, Alfie Kohn, just published a provocative article suggesting meaningful questionnaires for parents regarding the value of homework. This is an important discussion for every community. These questions excerpted from his book, The Homework Myth: Why Our Kids Get Too Much of a Bad Thing, are well worth reading and […]

Welcome to Constructing Modern Knowledge!

Dear Colleague: You are about to embark on a four-day learning adventure in which computers, construction, collaboration and creativity are all part of the learning process. Please put away your “teacher hat” and spend as much time as possible in the role of a learner. We hope you find the right personal balance between a […]

About Gary Stager

Gary S Stager, Ph.D. Director & Founder Teacher educator, journalist, speaker and consultant, Dr. Gary Stager, has spent the past twenty-six years helping teachers on six continents make sense of their roles in the digital age. In 1990 he led development efforts at the world’s first two “laptop schools” in Australia. Since then, Gary has […]