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New Book About Our Courageous Friend, James Loewen

Sociologist, Dr. James Loewen, was a guest speaker at Constructing Modern Knowledge twice, in 2010 and 2018. Loewen is also the author of some of the most popular and influential history books of the past twenty years, including: Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong The Confederate and Neo-Confederate Reader: […]

Summer Reading Recommendations from CMK 2010 Faculty

Summer Reading Suggestions Here is a list of suggested reading by written by CMK 2010 faculty or recommended by them. Whether you can join us July 12-15th or not, learning is a lifelong pursuit fueled by the powerful ideas and joy contained within the pages of the following books! James Loewen Constructing Modern Knowledge attempts […]

Rethinking Homework – Suggested Questionnaires for Parents

Constructing Modern Knowledge 2010 guest speaker, Alfie Kohn, just published a provocative article suggesting meaningful questionnaires for parents regarding the value of homework. This is an important discussion for every community. These questions excerpted from his book, The Homework Myth: Why Our Kids Get Too Much of a Bad Thing, are well worth reading and […]

The CMK 2009 Library

Constructing Modern Knowledge creates a material-rich learning environment filled with technology, art supplies, toys and books. This bookstore from CMK09 features books by Constructing Modern Knowledge 2009 speakers – Deborah Meier, Lella Gandini, Peter Reynolds, Cynthia Solomon and Lesa Snider. Here is a link to a large selection of books including, but not limited to […]

The CMK08 Library

Like all good learning environments, an important ingredient in the Constructing Modern Knowledge was the classroom library. The following is a bibliography of the books in the CMK08 library, plus a bunch written or illustrated by Peter Reynolds and a few books I forgot to bring to Manchester. Don’t forget there is a creativity, computing […]

Bookstore link for CMK08

Melinda Kolk and I created an online bookstore for creative educators in conjunction with Amazon.com. I will assemble and publish a list of the books in the CMK08 library over the next week or so.