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Important New “Whitepaper” on New Literacy

CMK faculty member Sylvia Martinez, President of Generation YES, commissioned a study by Dr. Jon Becker and colleagues at Virginia Commonwealth University. The study, Assessing Technology Literacy: The Case for an Authentic, Project-Based Learning Approach (PDF) is an important contribution to the field and should be read widely. From Sylvia’s blog… This whitepaper takes a […]

Alfie Kohn on Assessment

Constructing Modern Knowledge 2010 guest speaker, Alfie Kohn, also spoke at this summer institute in 2008. In this brief clip, popular education author, Aflie Kohn offers some provocative research-based thoughts on assessment and the problem with grades. Constructing Modern Knowledge 2010 is July 12-15, 2010 in Manchester, NH USA. There is still time to register […]