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What is CMK About?

Constructing Modern Knowledge may be the most important work of my career. For five years, we have demonstrated the competence and creativity of educators who spend four days of their summer vacation learning to learn in the digital age. I marvel at the complexity, sophistication and ingenuity illustrated by the educator’s projects created at Constructing […]

About Melinda Kolk

Melinda Kolk is the Deputry Director of The Constructivist Consortium, Director of Professional Development for Tech4Learning. and Editor-in-Chief of the Creative Educator magazine. She is the author of Teaching with Clay Animation and has had articles on student technology projects published in Virginia’s “VSTE Journal” and Australia’s “The Educational Technology Guide.” Melinda has made hundreds […]

About Peter Reynolds

Born in Toronto, Canada, Peter H. Reynolds shared his entry into the world with his twin brother Paul. Together, they started writing and “publishing” their own books, comic books and newspapers somewhere around the age of seven with the help of their father’s Savin office photocopier. After spending his secondary school years as writer and […]