Strategies for Hands-on Learning

At the May 2012 Bay Area Maker Faire, Steve Hargadon interviewed me about learning through making and tinkering. We discussed strategies educators might employ to bring constructionist learning to their classrooms. (Yes, I’m wearing holographic Astroboy t-shirt.)

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  1. Criticial Enthusiast says:

    You have a lot of good thoughts about constructive learning and I respect that. You also seem to be extremely narrow-minded when it comes to accepting reality for what it really is. In reality, not everyone is the same and no certain fashion or group of people dictates their capabilities. Example being, I went to school with students you labeled as “goth/scary,” and they could probably tear your house down piece by piece and construct it again faster and more efficiently than most professional construction workers. You really have no place to put the blame on teachers, either, when it’s the state that mandates a certain “curriculum” that is devoid of the basic constructive principles you were discussing in this video. I hope you read and consider this before your next presentation.